Custom Residential Mirrors

Available in Areas from Salt Lake City, UT to Boise, ID

Glass shower doors and high-end mirrors can make the bathroom of any home look like it belongs inside of an upscale estate. Here at Valley Glass, we offer all types of custom shower and bathtub enclosures, as well as mirrors cut to client specifications.

Frameless Shower Doors and Bathtub Enclosures

If you are looking for a way to preserve a modern or open-concept aesthetic in your bathroom, frameless shower or bathtub enclosures might be the solution you have been looking for. Unlike older enclosures, which typically contained bulky metal frames, frameless models feature small brackets and sheets of clear glass—making your tile work or cutting-edge shower the star of the show. Our expert technicians will carefully measure your bathtub or shower area to create custom glass panels to fit the space perfectly. Here are a few added benefits to installing frameless shower doors or bathtub enclosures:
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  • No Need For A Shower Curtain: Instead of controlling water spray with an unsightly shower curtain, opt for a frameless glass enclosure. Glass panels will add a glossy sheen to your bathroom that will stay in style for years to come.
  • Variety of Privacy Options: Don't worry about sacrificing privacy to install glass enclosures. We offer patterned etched and frosted shower glass that lets in light, while limiting the view into your shower or bathing area.
  • Low Iron Glass: Some people shy away from glass enclosures because older varieties looked thick and contained a green tint. However, we offer low-iron glass, which looks perfectly clear and can be rolled thinner than traditional varieties.
If you are wondering if a shower glass enclosure could be installed in your bathroom, contact us for a free estimate.

Custom Cut Mirrors

Here at Valley Glass, we can help you with more than just your bathroom. We also offer custom-cut mirrors that can be used throughout your entire house. Our mirrors can be cut to nearly any shape and size. We can also bevel the glass and polish the mirrors carefully to ensure that they will work perfectly for your project. Our technicians can even install the mirror for you, so that you don't have to worry about breaking delicate panels or working with unfamiliar mastic products.

To see examples of the types of shower enclosures and mirrors that we offer, visit a Valley Glass showroom in your area today. If you have a large-scale project, we can even send trained technicians to your home or business to measure the space, help you to plan the job, and give you a more accurate bid. We stand by the quality and durability of every product that we carry.

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