Our company was founded in 1956 and has grown to become one of the largest full service glass companies in Utah and Idaho. Our mission is to be the most trustworthy and reliable source for glass products in each market we serve. Our customer reviews speak to our dedication, knowledge, and quality services. Our Valley Glass Corp office is located on 24th St in Ogden Utah.

We offer a variety of window options for the residential, commercial, and auto glass categories. We provide auto windshield repair and replacement including a mobile service. For residences we provide shower doors and mirrors, replacement windows, insulated glass, and new construction windows. We provide windows for all commercial and industrial buildings. We also sell bullet resistant glass. All of our services are designed to bring style, safety and security together, resulting in an undeniably beautiful finish for your home and business.

Auto Glass for Windshield and Windows

To avoid having to get a full windshield replacement, any small chips or cracks should be serviced right away. No matter how small it may appear now, it will expand overtime. You may not want to spend money on filling in small chips, but you will inevitably end up paying for an entire windshield replacement which is much more expensive. Our auto glass repairs for small chips and cracks is a fast and affordable process. Filling in chips also strengthens the area surrounding the damage and keeps crack from spreading. Staying on top of windshield repairs is also much better for the environment. The glass used to manufacture windshields is not recyclable, so preventing a full replacement will keep it out of a landfill. These minor repairs will keep you and your passengers safe on the road. If you are in need of a new windshield due to extensive damage or an accident, we can have your it replaced the same day you bring it in.

Mobile Service

We value your time and want to make our services as convenient as possible for you. Our mobile service is not only convenient, it also keeps you safe. If the glass and windshield on your car are damaged to the point that it is unsafe for you to drive, we will come to you. You do not have to risk driving to one of our locations and put yourself and others on the road in danger. Depending on where you are, we can meet you at your home, work or parking lot. This allows you to get other things done while we repair your auto glass, saving you valuable time. To find out more about our mobile service and pricing, contact us today.

Residential Glass Windows and Doors

We offer replacement windows that are designed to be installed in an already-existing window opening. We can install these without further cutting the existing frame. If you are renovating or building your home, you are probably in the market for new construction windows. These have a nailing fin used to attach the window to the frame of the house. Our insulated glass windows are made of multiple panes of glass. By sealing them around the edges, this design allows for more effective insulation. Aside from reducing heat, there are many great features to insulated glass that will benefit your home.

We also offer interior glass for your bathrooms. When you are remodeling your bathroom, you can upgrade the look and style by installing frameless glass doors for your shower or tub. Our doors come in any size and are custom cut for the specific measurements of your bathroom fixtures. They allow more light flow and open feel. Health wise, there is less chance of mold building up like it can when you use a shower curtain. We have several styles and glass finishes for you to choose from.

Commercial Exterior and Interior Glass

We provide storefront and ballistic glass to protect and promote your business. High quality glass provides security for your merchandise and displays, allowing potential customers to see what you have to offer even when your store is closed. The curb appeal of your building will also be enhanced, making it stand out to those walking or driving by. Using glass for the front of your building also give you the opportunity to create window advertisements that will stand out. We offer tempered and tinted glass that will improve the energy efficiency inside your building. If you own a large commercial building that has many large widows, this is a great way to save on overall costs. Large, quality windows also allow in more natural light which is shown to be beneficial for health, increasing the productivity and morale of your employees. If you have any desire to put your building on the market, storefront glass will add to the value of your property, attracting more potential buyers. If you own an office building, we can also improve the interior space with our Desktop Glass, Glass Whiteboard, and Glass Walls. Desktop glass is a revolutionary idea in the workplace. It allows your employees to maximize their space, stay organized, and be versatile in the way they use their desks. Glass Whiteboards are made of the most durable tempered glass available. They require very little maintenance and are easier to clean. Glass Walls will make your office space look larger, brighter and more modern.

All of these interior products make the workplace a much more enjoyable place for your employees. If you are looking for ways to improve your business, increase customer volume, and create a better environment for your employees, we have products and solutions you need.

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