Since Valley Glass was founded in 1956, we have been dedicated to building a loyal team of experts to handle your residential and auto glass needs. We believe in working as a team. Our Manager, Bryon Moore, has built a talented team that has worked together for years. In fact, our Idaho Falls location has been in business since 1970 and consistently ranks as one of the best divisions of Valley Glass.

Idaho Falls, also known as the Gem State, offers access to stunning national parks, promotes an active lifestyle, and has award winning wine vineyards and breweries. We are located on 296 Lomax Street in Idaho Falls, you can also get to us by using Emerson Avenue. We are about a block north of Wells Fargo Bank.

Residential Glass

Our window replacement service will give your home a new level of sophistication. Window design and technology have come a long way and we have continued to offer our customers with the latest in window selection. If you have an older home, your current windows are probably made of a wood frame and single-pane glass. The windows we now offer are noticeably more attractive and offer so much more to your home than you may think. Besides improving the aesthetics of your home, sound and noise reduction is one of the best features of replacement windows. Sound reduction is now possible due to double and triple pane windows that are completely sealed. This also adds to temperature control within your home, since outside temperatures are unable to penetrate where your windows are installed.

When you need new windows for your home, we have a wide variety for you to choose from. Having windows in each room of your home allows for natural light and less light fixtures. We help guide you through choosing the best windows for your home. Our windows come in varying shapes, sizes and materials, which means you can have the exact style and look you want. We also make sure we stick to your budget while still providing quality and durability. Our window options include: wood, vinyl, fiberglass and fiberglass composite. When it comes to style we offer bay, casement, awning, picture and geometric windows. We even offer Energy Star window products that are highly rated for energy efficiency. We also provide Aquapel to help you to maintain visibility during rainstorms, and UV tinting to keep the sun from disrupting your home’s delicate indoor climate.

Upgrade Your Home

Improving your home through energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint starts with installing insulated windows. Our insulated glass windows prevent heating and cooling loss, which means you use less power to keep your home at the perfect temperature. This leads to improved energy efficiency which has a positive effect on the environment. Although insulated windows are more expensive than other alternatives, they end up saving you money each month due to lower energy bills. These windows are worth the investment.

Upgrading your bathroom by installing frameless shower doors is a great way to create a more modern and open look. Our services also go beyond just improving your bathroom. We specialize in custom-cut mirrors for any room in your house. No matter what shape or size you want your mirror to be, we can make it happen. A custom-cut mirror can add to the style of your home and create a stunning entry-way feature. We also install these mirrors to ensure they are properly hung, mounted and secured. If you want to learn more about our frameless glass doors and mirror options, we welcome you to visit our showroom.

Commercial Glass

We offer a variety of commercial glass services and products including storefront glass, ballistic glass, desktop glass, glass whiteboards, glass walls, building glass, and glass block windows.

Storefront glass can be custom cut and installed to give your store a whole new look. This will make a real difference in added curb-appeal and attract more customers into your store. Ballistic glass is an option for added security, as this glass is harder to break. Using our indoor glass products allows you to upgrade your business. Desktop glass allows you to maximize your space, stay organized, and be versatile in how you use your desk.These glass boards can be used to store notes, markers, and various office supplies. Our glass whiteboards will transform your workplace. These are made from the most durable tempered glass available.

Auto Glass

The glass on your vehicle plays a crucial role in your overall safety on the road. We specialize in windshield repair, replacement, and side mirrors. If you have a crack in your windshield that is beyond a simple repair, we can replace it the same day you bring in your vehicles. If you have a minor chip that you want to keep from expanding, we use polyurethane to prevent any further cracks from forming. For your side and rear view mirrors, we offer Redi Cut replacement mirrors tailored to fit virtually every make and model vehicle. If you have a foreign car or recreational vehicle, we can custom cut glass and mirrors to perfectly fit its measurements and make it safe for the road.

Aquapel Treatment

We take the extra step in making your drive as safe as possible by installing, repairing, and treating the glass windows on your vehicle. Living in Idaho means driving through rain storms that affect your visibility on the road. Our Aquapel treatment improves your visibility and by repelling water and reducing glare. This is a great added safety feature when you get stuck driving through bad weather.

Our glass services have you covered, keeping you safe at home and on the road. If you need a price quote or simply have a question about our glass and auto glass services, feel free to contact a team member. We are known for our excellent customer service and satisfaction. Our phone number is 208-522-6550, and we are here from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

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