The next time you are in Ogden, stop by the central hub of Valley Glass! This division specializes in replacement residential windows for high-end custom homes and small commercial projects. Here, our showroom is filled with displays, so you can get ideas for your home and explore all of your options. Our team of excerpts are experienced, knowledgeable and ready to assist you.

Ogden is known for its many historic buildings and close proximity to the Wasatch Mountain Range. It offers skiing, hiking, mountain biking trails and finishing areas, making it a sought after location to both live and visit. We are located at 202 21st Street South. We are right down the street from Farr’s Ice Cream and the Ogden LDS Temple; on the corner of 21st and Lincoln Ave.

Trusting our team with replacing the windows on your home means you have access to the highest quality glass window products protected by warranties, and equally as important, proper installation by certified experts. Our residential window replacement service will upgrade your home in more ways than one. New windows give your home an entirely new look, which will make it stand out among your neighbors. This is a great way to improve and invest in your home without having to make any major structural changes. New windows also give added security. They will stay locked and secured while you are away. The quality windows we supply come with several layers of paned glass, creating insulation and temperature control within your home. You can be comfortable in your home while enjoying the view from your new windows, no matter the weather outside. We can custom cut and fit any size window for you. This means you have more control over the style of your home, and you do not have to build it according to manufactured window sizes.

We offer a wide variety of exterior doors to fit your home. Our glass doors are unique and bring modern beauty to your home. There are many benefits to choosing glass doors. For starters, you can fully appreciate the view you have from your home, especially in Utah, where we have mountains and lakes all around us. Glass doors and large windows can give you a truly incredible view. Another advantage is the added natural light in your home. This means you will depend less on light fixtures and enjoy the health benefits of natural light, as well as a lower energy bill. Overall, glass doors provide a modern and sleek look that can transform your home, adding curb-appeal and increasing its worth. Among our many options, we provide: Single Hinged door, French doors, Bi-fold doors, Pivot doors, Sliding doors, and Stacking doors. To find out the best option for your home, contact our team for details.

Our glass door customization also extends to the interior of your home. We also specialize in frameless glass doors for your shower or bathtub. Glass doors are easy to clean, decrease the chance of mold producing, and make your bathroom look larger. Depending on the style and set up of your bathroom, you can choose from clear to textured glass finishes. Frameless glass doors will create a modern and clean look so you can ditch the shower curtain for good. We can also add a custom cut mirror and install it to any wall in your bathroom or any other room in the house.

Although our Idaho location specializes in residential glass, we still have additional glass services. These services include commercial grade glass for buildings and auto glass.

Commercial Glass

Our commercial grade glass offers solutions for improving the look of your storefront, adding safety and protection for your business. Ballistic glass is a popular choice due to its durability and how much stress it can withstand before it breaks. We also have glass products to improve the interior of your business, including: Desktop glass, Glass whiteboards, and Glass walls. These are designed to give you more space, create more efficiency, and improve the overall interior look of your space. To find out how our commercial glass products can help your business, contact our team for details.

Auto Glass

Along with protecting your home and business, we also want to keep you safe on the road. We provide repairs and replacements for your automotive glass and mirrors. We have been safely installing Original Equipment Manufactured (O.E.M.) windshields for decades. Our installers are expertly-trained and certified. We are known for our fast installation and quality work. Our goal is to ensure your vehicle is safe, so you can get back on the road. In addition to cutting and installing windows and windshields, we also offer products like Aquapel. This product repels water and reduces glare, making it safer to drive in harsher weather conditions. We also offer ADAS calibration. If your car has cameras, blind spot sensors, and other added features, ADAS calibration ensures your overall system is functioning properly. We can also install new side mirrors if they are damaged or cracked. These need to be installed correctly because they are crucial for clear vision on the road.

Here at Valley Glass, we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service. We have worked hard to become a trusted name in our community. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our products or services, we want to hear from you. We can also help you with large scale sales orders for commercial buildings. If you need a bid, please contact one of our excellent estimators.

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