8 Benefits of Frameless Shower Enclosures

In many full bathrooms, the shower or shower and tub combination is a primary focal point of the space. The enclosure you choose for your shower or bathtub when designing or remodeling your bathroom can set the tone for the room as a whole.

While a shower curtain can add a pop of color, many homeowners opt for glass enclosures to increase the aesthetic appeal of the shower and decrease the risk of leaks. In this blog, we discuss eight of the benefits of frameless glass shower enclosures specifically.

1. Classic and High-End Appearance

Many homeowners dream of a bathroom that looks like part of an exclusive and luxurious spa. This look can make your bathroom feel like a relaxing getaway from the stresses in your everyday life.

Frameless shower doors offer a classic and high-end enclosure appearance. Frameless enclosures seems to defy gravity and complement the other design elements throughout your bathroom, as we'll discuss in the next section.

2. Design Enhancement

Many enclosure options can detract from other elements in your bathroom. For example, bulky and outdated framed doors can draw the eye in a negative way or reduce the visibility of the tile work in your shower surround.

When you opt for frameless doors, the unobstructed and perfectly clear glass accents the other design choices you've made in the space.

3. Durable Design

Because frameless shower enclosures must operate without the usual hardware used for glass bathroom doors, frameless enclosures are some of the most structurally sound glass objects in any given household.

The thicker and stronger glass used for frameless doors means that you can count on your enclosure to last for years to come.

4. High Return on Investment

If you're remodeling with future resale concerns in mind, a frameless shower enclosure is an excellent choice. Currently, residential real estate buyers are drawn to the luxurious look discussed in section one, and many of these buyers look for frameless glass enclosures specifically.

The desirability of this type of enclosure ensures that you receive a fair return on your investment should you decide to put your home on the market.

5. Illusion of Added Space

One of the fundamentals of bathroom design is that you should minimize dividing lines that can make the space seem smaller or more cramped. With most types of shower enclosure, you do not have the option to eliminate the harsh lines that create visual distractions.

However, a frameless enclosure completely removes the delineation between your shower and the rest of your bathroom, which can make the room seem brighter and more spacious overall.

6. Safe Design

In addition to the durability discussed in section three, the design requirements inherent in a frameless door configuration also increase the safety of your bathroom. Some homeowners decide against glass enclosures for fear of accidental breakages and the risk of injury involved.

With frameless doors, however, not only is the glass made thick enough to resist all but the strongest blows, but the edges of the glass are treated to eliminate the hazard of cuts and scrapes.

Because frameless enclosures are made with such precision, these doors can be used in any type of bathroom, including spaces intended primarily for the children in your household or for individuals who use mobility devices that could come into contact with the glass.

7. Simple Maintenance

Frameless glass doors are some of the simplest shower enclosures to maintain over time. Because the doors consist almost entirely of glass designed for use in humid and wet conditions, the potential for unwanted organic growth is lower than with shower curtains.

The lack of a metal frame reduces the amount of soap scum and limescale that collects on the enclosure. Additionally, the enclosure is less likely to develop any sort of corrosion that could affect the function, beauty, or cleaning of the glass doors.

8. Versatile Options

While all frameless shower doors share certain characteristics, this type of enclosure comes with a range of design options. Not only can frameless doors be designed around any shape or size of shower, but frameless enclosures can feature numerous operating methods.

For example, many frameless doors use simple hinges to open and close, but some frameless enclosures don't have a traditional door at all and instead remain open to the bathroom during use.

Frameless enclosures also take up less space than many types of framed shower doors, which can give you a wide range of choices when choosing the showerhead, knobs, and other accessories within your shower.

Whether you're adding an entirely new shower to your home or upgrading a dated shower enclosure, consider frameless glass doors to take advantage of the benefits listed above.

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