While you may associate windshield cracks with foul balls and chips with construction zones, automotive glass damage can potentially occur anywhere the road may take you. Once you notice an issue, you may have questions about how to address the damage.

Many drivers wait to repair cracks and chips or attempt to restore their windshields without the help of an automotive glass repair specialist. In this blog, we explain seven of the fundamental reasons to prioritize prompt and professional repair of your windshield damage.

1. Avoid Future Windshield Costs

Some drivers decide against seeking repairs as soon as they notice windshield issues because they assume that the repairs will be expensive. However, in most cases, minor windshield repair costs substantially less than major repair and even less than complete replacement.

While most auto insurance policies that meet state minimums can be used to cover the cost of windshield replacement, they require a deductible and can raise your premiums.

Additionally, you could be held responsible for extra costs if your windshield damage violates local or state regulations and results in a citation. You may have to deal with the fine for the citation itself as well as an increase in your insurance premiums due to the mark on your driving record.

2. Comply With Warranty Terms

Many individuals take on numerous automotive tasks like adjusting tire pressure and changing the oil themselves to decrease the overall cost of their vehicle maintenance. However, windshield repairs are not a task you should do yourself.

While we'll discuss other reasons to leave these repairs to a professional, one of the primary reasons to seek expert repairs is that any personal attempt to fix the glass will void any warranty covering your windshield.

3. Decrease the Risk of Damage Expansion

Windshield damage often appears small at first. For example, rock chips frequently look like small dents that do not seem like a cause for any concern. However, all windshield damage has the potential to expand, especially during seasonal temperature changes.

Expansion, such as a rock chip turning into a web of cracks, can completely change the situation for your vehicle. Your repairs may become more expensive or your windshield may require complete replacement.

4. Ensure Correct Application on the First Attempt

Even if you don't have a warranty to worry about, you should still always entrust windshield repair to a professional. One reason to leave glass repairs to the experts is that doing so ensures the correct application on the first try. With automotive glass, you typically only get one attempt before the windshield is ruined.

Automotive glass professionals have the materials, equipment, and training required to evaluate and address your windshield damage promptly and correctly — without any unnecessary delays or risks.

5. Get Expert Recommendations

Unless you have a background in automotive glass, you may find it difficult to distinguish damage that can be addressed through repairs from damage that necessitates replacement. While this assessment is not extremely complex, most drivers lack the intimate understanding of automotive glass to make informed decisions about their windshields.

When you bring your vehicle to an automotive glass specialist, you get the benefit of a professional's perspective. This perspective often means that you waste less time since an expert can often tell immediately if replacement is required. Additionally, a professional can give you multiple options and recommendations.

6. Keep the Driver's View Unobstructed

Perhaps the most obvious issue caused by windshield damage is view obstruction. However, many drivers assume that if a crack isn't too bad or a chip isn't directly in front of the driver, the damage cannot possibly pose a problem.

Unfortunately, drivers who postpone repairs for these shortsighted reasons may find themselves in risky driving situations due to glares thrown off the edges of a crack or awkward sitting positions to avoid looking directly through the glass damage.

7. Protect the Structural Integrity of Your Vehicle

While minor windshield damage should not affect the structure of your vehicle, moderate to major windshield damage can. In fact, the windshield serves the dual purpose of providing visibility in all weather conditions and holding up a significant portion of the weight of your vehicle's roof.

If your vehicle suffers windshield damage due to a collision, including one-car and car-pedestrian accidents, the chances of the glass damage having structural significance are particularly high.

Always have a glass expert evaluate the likelihood of structural consequences of glass damage, especially long spiderweb cracks. An automotive glass professional can help you decide if repairs will provide enough structural support to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

If your windshield sustains damage, bring your car to a trained automotive glass restoration professional for all of the reasons listed above. For comprehensive residential, commercial, and automotive glass services trust the experienced team at Valley Glass.